Where Love and Grace Resides

As a means to cope and find peace with our fast-paced, emotionally challenging and
pressurised lifestyles, the western world began adopting
ancient yogic practices from India.

Many travelled to the spiritual land in search of the wisdom held by revered gurus.

All too often however, the jewel of the teachings was lost in translation, making it
challenging for the student to learn how to conquer life’s hurdles.

That is, until now.

The Ashram

Launching next year; the ashram is a non-profit organisation founded by Brahmani Rakhi.

In partnership with some of the finest gurus, masters, vedanta philosophers and spiritual practitioners, the ashram focuses on transforming humanity through self-realisation.

By providing authentic guidance, guests can better understand themselves and
their true purpose in life.

"To reach real peace you
need to begin with education"


our offering


Yoga Shala

Yoga Shala

Escape into a natural sanctuary designed to nourish your body, mind, and heart back into alignment and wellbeing.

Garden of Love

Garden Of Love

Experience our tranquil gardens, the perfect place to reconnect with your senses through nature.

Peace Temple

Peace Temple

Our temple is open for pujas every day - all are welcome to sit in
aarti with us.



Immerse yourself in the full ashram life by living with us when you enrol on one of our longer programmes.

Nutritious Food

Nutritious Food

Outstanding vegetarian cuisine is cooked on site nurturing and nourishing the body and soul.


I cannot claim Bliss House Ashram to be my own idea.

The seed for creating this sacred space for inner peace, transformation and
self-realisation, was planted within me by my Divine Mother or,
as some would say, God.

For many years I took no action, the enormity of the task was overwhelming.

However, as I deepened my spiritual practice, my reason for existing became clear to me.

"My purpose is to awaken humanity from their
inner turmoil using ancient indian practices
founded in unconditional love."

We are Building an Ashram

Imagine learing from our Gurus today

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